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About Coastal Fix

Coastal Fix was founded in 2023 with a passion for capturing the beauty of locations with memorable moments. Our range of candles provide a calming atmosphere to help you relax and unwind no matter the occasion. Here at Coastal Fix we truly understand the power of aromatherapy yet wanted to create a candle that was just as aesthetically pleasing to watch burn.

Image by Magdalena Love

Natural Coconut Soy Blend

At Coastal Fix, we offer high-quality, handmade, coconut-soy wax-based candles that are perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our candles are made with love and attention to detail, and the scents evoke a sense of peace and relaxation.

Image by Jasmin Ne
Image by Egor Vikhrev

Handpoured in Portland, OR

Location Inspired Scents

Each candle is hand-poured with passion and attention to detail. We hope to bring joy and comfort to your home with the perfect scent, whether you’re looking for something calming, invigorating, or something in between.

We believe that the unique scents of each location should be captured and shared with the world. That's why we work hard to create scents that reflect the beauty of each place. We hope our candles inspire the memories of a special trip or help you bring a bit of the outdoors inside.

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